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What would it be like if everyday you could easily shape your world, as well as feel deeply free and it permeated every aspect of your experience? If one evening, you looked back on the day and recognized that you changed the world, because of the seeds you'd sown and grown, because of the work you’d brought into the world? 

I was standing in the wings of the stage focusing on my breath trying not to be nervous. I knew I was prepared but still the thoughts of embarrassment, defeat and failure ran through my head. And then, it was my turn. I stepped on to the stage and felt the wave of energy from the audience who all wanted me to be fabulous. Their desire and belief made a space for me to step into the best version on myself and I could shine like never before.

What if you woke up each morning and realized that you're not in it alone, that you have found your vibrational kindred spirits and together you have come to know your true power? 

That you set the trajectory and found yourself smiling and laughing as you realized that discipline and motivation have been replaced with inspiration for you? What if you looked at your life and found that not only is your work fulfilling and rewarding, but that you have also made such an impact that your legacy will live on beyond you

Deep down, in the privacy of your own mind and being, sometimes you believe what the world says: that we must be hardened warriors to make a difference, that you aren’t really enough to live the unrealistic dream you have, that you don’t really matter enough to impact the world… that even if by some miracle you achieve your goals and desires, you’ll stand alone because no one really understands you.


Show Me!

Science has shown that if you place the same type of cell in different environments with different building blocks, it can develop radically different characteristics People are the same. We are each raised in among a unique set of influences that determine our ability to perform and adapt in life. Keep reading, because I’m getting to the best bit…

Science has also proven that we can use our brains to change the environment of fully grown cells and change that cells function in the body. That means that when you decide to change your life, gather the right building blocks for the new version of your life and steep in the right environment, change is inevitable and permanent. I see this truth again and again.

What's Really Possible?

Can you imagine a version of yourself that doesn’t even remember the feeling of imposter syndrome, being deemed inappropriate, and squashing yourself into boxes to fit into society? What about forever letting go of running out of time and trying so hard to be more disciplined only to fail at it over and over which reinforcing that background noise of “maybe they’re right, I’m really not good enough”? Or totally releasing the version of yourself that goes into the same old patterns of self sabotage, procrastination and absent-minded people-pleasing?

Seeing yourself in a new light requires a change in environment. And allowing yourself to grow and become that new version requires the ability to move beyond your circumstances to working at the soul level.

Tapping into your body, mind and spirit with not only heightened awareness but with the essence of freedom and joy will create an environment where you find your independence, your celestial confidence, and your power, as well as make a huge impact.

The real problem is that life keeps reminding you of reality, so it’s hard to be in true alignment with your dreams. The people who are closest to you often can't see you for who you are becoming. They know for certain who you have been so strongly that peaceful and joyful change becomes extremely difficult. There is always a seed of doubt, of being reminded that you can be the flawed human that misses the mark and flies off the handle sometimes. You have the clarity and the vision. But you need to unlock the power of your wide-open heart combined with a community who will stand in agreement with your vision with you.

What's The Solution?

The Joyful Freedom Accelerator is a 6-month small group experience with three simple areas of focus:

  • Resetting Your Capacity to allow the energy of unbridled joy and freedom

  • Bringing your vision into reality

  • Steeping yourself in a positive community environment that adds power and acceleration to your real hopes and dreams

Right now, there is a fundamental difference between your inner experience and the reality you are living. As you learn to release your limiting perspectives, to entrain your mind-body to reflect vibrational reality and to add the acceleration of an aligned community, your life will change exponentially and your impact will reverberate for generations to come.

What are The Takeaways? You can write the past as well as your present moment, and the potentiality of your future. This deep empowerment can be easily attained by remembering the power of your true self in the community of your vibrational equivalents.

Then creating the business, the relationships, the life you want becomes more like the freedom of surfing, instead of like a never-ending struggle to survive or a crusade to constantly prove your worthiness. You will find it easy to step into the fullness of who you really want to be!

“I have felt so fully present in a way that I haven’t before. I’m finding a new focus and a higher level of impact, a higher level of service in what I do and what I provide. The results so far have been amazing. I just wanted to say thank you. This has been priceless”

~Josh Aronovitch

Who Is This For?

This accelerator is for spiritually-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs who are trying to navigate a high-pressure world. You will know that this is you if…

  • You make progress in fits and starts

  • You feel yourself revising your goals to be more “attainable”

  • You have success but not inner peace and joy

  • You know you’re getting in your own way but haven’t figured out how to stop trapping yourself

  • You find it hard to think about your successes without the disappointment of wishing you had gotten further

  • You have this nagging feeling that you are holding back in order to keep others comfortable

  • You have everything you thought you wanted and you’re still not truly happy

If you found yourself in this list then you, your life and your business will benefit greatly from this group accelerator.

Here's what you'll get from it:

  • Easier, faster decision-making

  • Increased productivity – with clarity comes freedom and with freedom comes the forward momentum that the rest of the world calls productivity.

  • More time to travel, spend with family, heal the planet, build your legacy, in short, to spend as you wish!

  • Increased clarity & commitment – A lack of crystal clear clarity and the commitment to back it up  is often the reason that entrepreneurs get stuck and don’t take action on their goals 

  • Increased sense of self-worth. A sense of self-worth comes from knowing your true self and the power of alignment. By the end of the accelerator you will be swimming in it.

  • Better relationships – Feeling free and fully present in your life means having great relationships without the overwhelm, worry or disappointment. 

  • The lifestyle – that’s what we all want, the freedom to choose our lifestyle and to thrive in it happily!

  • Increased income – the joyful freedom we’re talking about is not just a feeling. This fast-moving momentum in alignments makes money and wealth come almost effortlessly

  • Immense power – as you ethically lead and create speed in every area of your life so you take off like a rocket

My company is a multi-million dollar design firm that would not have gotten there without Donnalynn Riley and certainly would not have maintained it either.
I've tried other coaches, but not since working with Donnalynn. That is not only because she is excellent, but she is kind, loving and caring even while telling you that you REALLY need to make a change. A rare gift indeed.
~Joanne, CEO, The Interior Edge, NYC

Here's how it all works:

We will begin our time together in July with a 5-day online immersion retreat, awakening and amplifying this energy within us and beginning to explore what it really feels like to expand into our most powerful and free selves. 

You'll find yourself getting in touch with your deepest happiness and unwinding into the true flow of universal energy that supports your every moment in life. 

Monthly Deep Dives

Then early in each month, from August to December, we will reconnect in depth. You’ll learn, get quiet, integrate, connect within & with your cohort, and even get loud! We'll take a few hours out to remember our true spirit of joyful freedom, reconnect, refresh, and even rebound from the drama and adventures of our daily lives. 

Monthly Check-ins

Then later in each month, we'll meet up to reawaken the power within ourselves, touch base, ask and answer questions, hold vision and intention together and share our moments of "serendipity & surprise"

Private Coaching Included: I will meet with each person in the group twice individually over the course of our time together for both personal alignment and coaching support. Plus, you will also have private access to me via WhatsApp messages for check-in, updates and guidance throughout the experience.

Here are the dates for our time together:

Five-Day Immersion Retreat 

11am ET - 1pm ET
July 5th (Wed)

July 6th (Thurs)

July 7th (Fri)

July 8th (Sat)

July 9th (Sun)

Monthly Deep Dives

10am ET - 1pm ET

August 3rd  (Thurs)

September 5th (Tues)

October 11th  (Wed)

November 9th (Thurs)

December 5th (Tues)

Monthly Check-ins

11am ET - 1pm ET

July 20th (Thurs) 

August 18th  (Fri)

September 21st (Thurs)

October 26th  (Thurs)

November 30th (Thurs)

“There's a little part of me that's afraid of being content in the life that I built. Sometimes I feel like the other shoe is going to drop. This work with Donnalynn has helped me to let go of feeling like I have to be in control all the time. I found my happy place.”
~Dawn Bullett

There will be a maximum of 18 people accepted in the accelerator.

The cost is $5000 and payment plans are available as low as $855/month for 6 months.

If this is for you, please fill out your application here:


Donnalynn Riley is a Joy Coach who knows what it takes to create joy in your life and why it’s worth the effort. Donnalynn has walked through dark times, as we all do, but with the benefit of an ever-present candle of internal joy to guide her. 

Donnalynn works with people who want to break through to another level of happiness in their lives and who know that the fastest, easiest way to create a joyous life is with the right support systems. She is quick to help people realize that there is one element that is central to attaining more time, more money, and more freedom... and that element is fully in your control. It is the ability and willingness to consistently cultivate and nurture joy. 

Educated as a Spiritual Health Coach, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Certified Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Donnalynn has been coaching high-achievers to become masters of their communication, relationships and success for over a decade.

From a career on Broadway to being CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, her own journey helped her understand and create strategies for managing her emotions so she could surpass her every goal in life. 

Featured in FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS, Donnalynn is now on a mission to inspire 42 million people to prioritize their joy and emotional well-being so they can achieve their goals and have the most awesome time doing it!



You will learn the secrets to...

You will learn the secrets to...

Self-Confidence & Self Esteem To Finally Feel Comfortable No Matter Who Is Watching!

Secret #1: What It Really Takes To Be Unstoppable

How many times have you been told to "Just Do It"? When it comes to getting comfortable selling and putting yourself out there, will power is NOT enough. Each of us has that something special that could make us unstoppable, but like DNA, it has to get turned on in order for you to access it.

Secret #2: The Myth That Keeps You From Being Bold

It's a myth that you have to become somebody totally different or do things that are excruciatingly uncomfortable to accomplish your goals. There is really only one thing between you and the confidence you are wishing for. In this challenge, you will learn exactly what is standing in the way.

Secret #3: How To Finally Tap Into Your Confidence

...The Exact Process To tapping into your full potential, gaining the ability to connect with your self-confidence once and for all. It is time for you to stop struggling and utilize this simple proprietary strategy that will allow it all to flow right through you. 

Key #4: Super Charge Your Results

Stepping into your powerful stance with promotion, bringing in sales & growing your team is yours for the taking with this training. But this is the moment that you can put your results into high gear. And you are the only one who can do it because as being an online entrepreneur means you have the passion and the vision that is too important to miss. We will light it up together!

Ready To Master Your Mind?


Donnalynn Riley

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach



Donnalynn Riley, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, launched her first online business in 2000. Since then her business experience has been vast. Working her way up through sales and marketing through management to become the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation. Her tenure there included increasing the gross sales by 700%.

Donnalynn currently runs her ACCESS, SHIFT & MOVE PROGRAM which was developed to help online entrepreneurs unite their business goals with productive spiritual practices creating consciousness in their companies for better long-term results.



The Power Of Confidence in Growing & Leading Your Business

Our very first day we will get right to it. Self Confidence is at the center of the success or failure of your business and together we will come to understand the importance and power that you truly have. What that power enables in you and your business. AND how to control it!


The Only Way Out Is In

There is a huge misconception when it comes to self confidence… So many people think you can perform little tasks and build confidence over time. No Way! There is only one way to build your self confidence and that is with the proper understanding of self & confidence. I will show you exactly how to shift this problem for good!


Knowing Your True Self 

Who is the self in self-confidence? Knowing yourself & accepting yourself for who you truly are is a foundation for success in business. Once you know yourself, only then can you have accuracy in your ability to see the world truly. Being able to avoid "the road to nowhere” thinking while recognize the wonderful opportunities in front of you is not possible until you master this step.


How To Use The Tools To Be Confident In Every Moment

Before you take an action in any direction, it is essential that you have reprogrammed your brain for your business or you can end up off in the weeds even though you have done lots of work on yourself. There is a repeatable formula, using the right tools, to produce self confidence every day. Showing up confidently has similarities to building a beautiful piece of furniture… each tool you use has it’s own purpose so you can get the job done beautifully. 


How To Get Confidence To Show Up In Your Bank Account Without Turning Into An Arrogant @#$%^*!

Confidence is good but in business we all want to move the needle on that bottom line. Right?Let's face it... none of us are entrepreneurs so that we can have the stability that a regular job would give us. We want to change the world! But you can’t change the world without a little moola. Unfortunately, there may be a part of you that is terrified that you have to turn into your worst nightmare to fill the bank account. NOT SO!! We will talk about welding the sword of confidence with great precision so there are no accidental beheadings AND your dream to help change the world through meaningful work can come true!

Ready To Go?


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